MayoPlus is now your gateway to a first class online buying experience. Here you will find business reviews, product and customer reviews. You will also find links to local businesses and services. Only businesses that achieve the MayoPlus standard are listed here. That way you can rest assured that you will get the best possible online and offline experience.

Who we are:

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MayoPlus is a small business support platform designed specifically for the retail and hospitality sector.

MayoPlus is a “stage managed” online sales platform for small to medium sized companies.

MayoPlus will set up a dedicated online shop tailored to suit the individual business needs.

MayoPlus can give a business it’s own dedicated online sales portal with full training provided or it can manage an online portal for a business giving the business a list of it’s orders at the end of the business day in time for shipping. MayoPlus can also provide inventory.

MayoPlus will essentially take the pain out of getting a business online and will do whatever “hand holding” is necessary until the business is comfortable to go it alone.

MayoPlus will not hold stock or ship product. This is down to the individual business.

MayoPlus has certain trading standards that all online shops MUST comply with:

  • Timely shipping.
  • Customer acknowledgement regarding order receipt, payment receipt, order picking and order shipping.
  • Personal touch, for example a hand written note with each order.
  • Speedy resolution of complaints (should any arise)

MayoPlus will run company profiles and will promote businesses that have signed up to them  with product reviews, customer reviews. Depending on the business and the revenue generated for MayoPlus, “top tier” companies will have prominent links throughout the site.

Ultimately MayoPlus aims to be an umbrella for companies that have the highest of standards so that when a potential customer sees the MayoPlus brand whether it is instore or online, they will instinctively know that they can purchase with confidence.

Ultimately MayoPlus will be able to create product photos and promotional videos for those clients in need. Naturally there will be a cost involved but it will be fair and the same pricing will apply throughout the MayoPlus client base.

How do we do this?

This is done by using readily available (often open source!) marketing and retail software. We supply the advice, know how and will steer you away from the pitfalls often associated with setting up an online store. Where necessary we can also manage an online site for you.