Despite all the prevailing rhetoric and BS, the rural Ireland economy continues its downward slide.
The viability of the typical small rural farmers is now under greater threat than ever before. We have lost many of our  ruralPost Offices and some communities still face the challenges to maintain National School numbers.
On the horizon is the increased costs of farm inputs, low level sheep and beef prices, and influx of market disturbing South American beef
Brexit promises very little economic dividend and the proposed changes to climate change offers little economic help.
(This is not scaremongering but a position validated by available data)
Community Development has a dual aspect, Social and Economic. Very few really appreciate the significant achievement under the Social banner, community halls, meals on wheels, Social Employment Schemes and a multitude of other worthwhile activities.
In contrast, real Economic development has not received the necessary traction. The overall objective of 360 Degree Development is to introduce business development templates to recognised community groups to embrace a much more effective economic development pathway.
Currently there are existing support measures that are no longer fit for the current demanding market challenges. An early review is suggested to ,  identify those support measures that are in fact fit for purpose. While community led, the project should seek to enlist Leo, Leader, and Teagasc. and an Independent Operations Management, IOM
The initial process is to consider TOSS, Objectives (Needs Analysis) Structure (Community Group must be properly constituted) Strategy (Template to Business Plan and Operation pathway with Key Performance Indicators) T relates to Timeline and Training
360 Degree Development introduces a number of templates that are adapted to meet local Objectives It is expected that some communities may have independent projects suitable for a development process. 360 Degree Development is Operational, rather than Aspirational
The purpose of this blog is to introduce and evaluate this community based economic development potential. All reasonable comments welcome.

YCDBSOYA “You cannot do business siting on your arse “Sir Jack Cohen, Tesco founder.