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MayoPlus is now your gateway to a first class online buying experience. Here you will find business reviews, product and customer reviews. You will also find links to local businesses and services. Only businesses that achieve the MayoPlus standard are listed here. That way you can rest assured that you will get the best possible online and offline experience.

To find out more about what we at MayoPlus do, please see our ABOUT page.

Against a background of a declining rural economic decline, the impact of Covid and the dangers posed by Brexit, Mayo businesses face an unprecedented challenge. While the online options may appear to be a practical solution there are evident considerations. Some of those businesses with an existing online shop don't have the time or  personnel to drive an effective online presence. Smaller operations my also lack the resources to embrace such an online presence.

MayoPlus now offers a much more user friendly and cost effective option. This option is managed to take the pressure off you, the business owner. Mayoplus will now put your products online, advise the customer of the order and will issue despatch confirmation. Payment is strictly secure. The customer will be kept advised by email as to the progress of their order. Provision exists for Direct Dispatch or Click and Collect. MayoPlus will tailor an online shopping solution to a businesses individual needs.

MayoPlus also offer online training modules in customer service and information technology.

The MayoPlus structure will present on a town by town basis in addition to a county wide segment to embrace wider promotional projects with tourism being just one example.