Mayoplus aspires to be a business support portal for rural communities and businesses. We have developed some business support modules to support retail, hospitality distance learning and training.

The demand spike for online commerce continues to thrive. What is overlooked is the amount of money leaving the county. Our strategy is to support greater numbers of smaller enterprises by providing a real opportunity to gain cost effective access to a full ecommerce facility. This allows the smaller business to compete in the marketplace and reduce that significant cash outflow.

An online questionnaire is available to prompt early discussion on your ecommerce needs.

We would also welcome dialogue with community groups about our range of business support projects.

MayoPlus offers user friendly and cost effective e-commerce options. One option is managed to take the pressure off you, the business owner. Mayoplus will now put your products online, advise the customer of the order and will issue despatch confirmation. Payment is strictly secure. The customer will be kept advised by email as to the progress of their order. Provision exists for Direct Dispatch or Click and Collect.

MayoPlus can also tailor an online shopping solution to a businesses individual needs.

MayoPlus also offer online training modules in customer service and information technology.

The MayoPlus structure will present on a town by town basis in addition to a county wide segment to embrace wider promotional projects with tourism being just one example.